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NEW Brand Name - Same Featherweight Shop Grease!

The Featherweight Shop Motor & Gear Lubricant has now been rebranded as SEW-RETRO GreaseTM Motor & Gear Lubricant!  We have now updated our Featherweight Shop Motor & Gear Lubricant video tutorial with a "Part 2".  It reflects the new brand as well as illustrates an additional melting point comparison!  As before, SEW-RETRO GreaseTM has been specially formulated with the proper melting point and lubricating qualities for vintage & antique sewing machines, including the Singer Featherweight 221 & 222K... some attachments need grease sometimes, too!  SEW-RETRO GreaseTM is appropriate for any and all sewing machines with all-metal gears. (Do not use this lube with any plastic or nylon gears.)


We are often asked if SEW-RETRO GreaseTM is appropriate for other vintage Singer Sewing Machine motors -- and the answer is yes - so long as your vintage Singer motor has motor ports with a felt wick inside.  If you are unsure of this, then if your manual indicates that your vintage Singer motor requires motor lubricant, then SEW-RETRO GreaseTM will be perfectly suited for your machine.

Each SEW-RETRO GreaseTM comes with an instruction sheet for application as well as a port-cleaning tool so you can clean out the motor ports of the old grease.  You can also use a Q-tip or hollow cotton swab (with both cotton swab ends cut off) as a replacement port-cleaning tool.

Be sure to watch the video tutorial below for how the Featherweight Shop Motor & Gear Lubricant (New Brand = SEW-RETRO GreaseTM) low-melting point motor & gear lubricant is the only one on the market that is appropriate for vintage and antique sewing machine motors, including Singer Featherweight 221 and 222K motors.

Click the link for the Online Tutorial

 Be sure to watch the 3 videos, for help and lubricant comparisons. 
Video 1 - how to clean and lubricate you Singer Featherweight    
Video 2 - Comparison of grease part 1  
Video 3 - Comparison of grease part 2

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