Singer Bobbin Case 221 222 301 NEW by The Featherweight Shop - 841227
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Singer Bobbin Case 221 222 301 NEW by The Featherweight Shop

SKU # 841227 PART # 45751TFS & PAR-45751-TFS

This is the first replica bobbin case that has been made to the same standards as the vintage original Featherweight bobbin case. Our new Featherweight Shop bobbin case will work in all Featherweights: the black 221 models, white 221 models, tan 221 models, the 222 Free-Arm Featherweight and even the Singer 301. As an added assurance, we hand polish and test each and every bobbin case.  This means, every replacement bobbin case that is processed through our shop comes with both a bobbin wound with thread and a tested stitch sample.   These two things stand as The Featherweight Shop signature guarantee of a properly working replica bobbin case. 


IMPORTANT:  The Featherweight Shop Bobbin Case will fit and work properly as long as the Singer Featherweight (or Singer 301) has its original vintage hook assembly parts and a high-quality bobbin is used.  The bobbins we carry in the bobbin roll work perfectly and are guaranteed.  Even a vintage original bobbin will be suitable with this bobbin case. 

The Featherweight Shop bobbin cases have been given a factory impression of 45751TFS. The 45751 indicates it is a replica and the TFS indicates that it was manufactured for The Featherweight Shop. 

Click the link for the video on the featherweight bobbin case

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